This year is different!

It is November 20th already and I bet you are thinking at your sales budget figures every other day.

You are not alone. 

Every realistic salesperson or sales manager in western economy countries is staring at a calendar with much attention – just like you. 

Usually, in any other year, most of them will be either happy or broken. Happy ones are those who made their sales / budget targets already and now are only pushing to achieve the biggest possible bonus for exceeding their quotas.

The sad ones – on the other hand – know already that their sales plans / budgets are far from being achieved and they are doomed. 

In both cases this year is different.

Take a look at the calendar next to you or in your phone. This year Christmass and New Year’s Eve are in the same week and it is a huge opportunity for most of us in sales trenches. It means that our clients and business partners will be actually working till December 22nd and we still have FIVE FULL WEEKS for creating sales opportunities ahead of us.

I know – in some cases it is not much. For some B2B or B2G products or services it is far from typical sales process length and barely enough for tender procedures to clarify. But for most of us it is enough for virtually ANY new client or inquiry and more than enough to close the deals you have in your pipeline.

And this exactly is the part I want you to take a look at. Here’s what you could do right now:

1. Look at all the unfinished deals you have in your pipeline. Search for „low hanging fruit” – clients that were interested, but were not „hot” yet and closing never actually happened. 

2. Search for business cards you collected during your recent business mixers, meetings, conferences or trade shows. Get them out of the drawers and from paper piles on your desk and stack them in front of your keyboard. 

3. Open your email software and search the „sent” folder for people that received your offer but never responded. 

Those three simple actions will take you 20-30 minutes and will immediately deliver „fresh meet” to your „production line”. 

What’s even more important – all those prospects are people that know you and your product already. There will be no need for time wasting and „long dating”. If you do your job right – you can close those deals within days. And there are still full five weeks – or 25 working days – available to all of us this year. 

Don’t waste it. 

Start now!

Happy hunting! Happy finishing!

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Post Author: Radek Pogoda

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